"By meeting the Silence,
Encounter your Self, the other One,
the Whole "

Voice of the Desert, journeys that reveal the beauty and depth that lie dormant within you.

You dive into an environment with powerful energies: sandy plains, granite mountains, limestone mountains, canyons, forgotten water sources.

Forgetting luxury, you discover the richness of simplicity: the stripping in the material is reflected in your mind, in your gestures, in your Being.


The senses find a lost subtlety,

you are amazed of your self while listening to the silence,

by searching your eyes looking in what seems empty and motionless,

you can enjoy simple dishes prepared in the most primitive cuisine.

Ecstasy in the contact with these few drops of precious water, dripping on your body, while standing on a rock, facing the rising sun,

enchantment at night, with regard to the Milky Way in absolute darkness,

transcendence when you open up to the subtle energy passing through your body!

We talk about sitting by the fireside, drinking tea, letting time pass, being together, at a time when differences become a source of genuine curiosity and vulnerability.


We take you to live experiences through unique concepts, related to the specific potential of this desert.


It is the cradle of two spiritual beliefs, deeply connected to each other.

The more you immerse yourself in it, the more your receptivity becomes a path of inner clarity and love.

Our intention is to give you space and time to let yourself be guided by his mystical power, whether in your journey witj your lover (Love Quest), or on a quest on your way to this world (Vision Quest).




Alain Art

and the Bedouins Salem, Taha, ...


Life in the desert spontaneously generates a way of being, where masks and what is forced disappear quickly.


"Hodra" is a vision quest, which invites you to go down to your core, to listen to your dreams, to be attentive to all the signs that surround you, to a letting go perhaps easier than you could imagine !

Unique in its concept, this experience entirely intended to facilitate your common journey leads you to feel and to release to what is rare and truly transcendent:

"To be" in the relationship.




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